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Same-Day Crowns, Onlays and Veneers

Why wait weeks for crowns and veneers when you can get them in a day? At St Anthony Dental, we can restore your teeth in just one day. Our dental practice has state-of-the-art equipment that can scan, design, and produce your porcelain work all in one session! Crowns, onlays and veneers are used to restore the function of the teeth and to improve their cosmetic appearance.

Crowns generally cover the whole tooth, while veneers are placed at the front of the tooth. Both treatments are permanent fixtures that help protect your teeth and treat dental issues such as:

Instead of taking traditional impressions using moulds, our dentist will perform a 3D scan of your teeth and use a milling machine to design your new crown and veneer on the same day. Your crown will then be fixed to your teeth to give you a new and improved look all in one go, usually with only one injection.

Unlike past dental crowns and veneer treatments, same-day procedures are fast, convenient, and entirely safe for all patients. Call our friendly team for a personalised chat about our same-day crowns and veneers procedure.

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Same Day Crowns, Onlays & Veneers Sydney

The St Anthony Dental Approach

We believe in making our dental treatments as comfortable and easy as possible. When you come for a treatment at St Anthony Dental, this is the assurance you’ll get:

You’ll always have a comprehensive examination. Using the latest technology, we carefully map out what has happened in the past and predict what may happen in the future. We can even use a 3D colour image to understand your mouth better and formulate a strategy to restore your dental health.

We will be as transparent and clear as possible and eliminate guesswork. Our 3D X-rays use very low radiation exposure to see what’s happening in hidden areas to determine an issue.

You will be in a safe environment where you’ll feel secure with your treatment.

You will be given as many options as possible for your treatment, and as much time as you need to consider these options.

You’ll be provided with plenty of after-treatment follow up from our staff and dentist. Our treatments do not stop after the procedure.

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