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Children's Dental

St. Anthony Dental understands the importance of creating a positive experience of taking your child to the Dentist. Our staff are experienced and trained in working with children to make their visits feel comfortable and safe, as well as introducing them to good dental habits early on that will last for the rest of their lives. We also provide an education on why Oral Hygiene is important and how following a routine will avoid cavities and other dental problems.

Services for children also include Mouth Guards, Fisher Seals and Early Intervention for Children.

St. Anthony Dental accepts the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.

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The St Anthony Dental Approach

We believe in making our dental treatments as comfortable and easy as possible. When you come for a treatment at St Anthony Dental, this is the assurance you’ll get:

You’ll always have a comprehensive examination. Using the latest technology, we carefully map out what has happened in the past and predict what may happen in the future. We can even use a 3D colour image to understand your mouth better and formulate a strategy to restore your dental health.

We will be as transparent and clear as possible and eliminate guesswork. Our 3D X-rays use very low radiation exposure to see what’s happening in hidden areas to determine an issue.

You will be in a safe environment where you’ll feel secure with your treatment.

You will be given as many options as possible for your treatment, and as much time as you need to consider these options.

You’ll be provided with plenty of after-treatment follow up from our staff and dentist. Our treatments do not stop after the procedure.

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